“Humblebrag. Take a drink.”

For my group of friends, this phrase has initiated countless evenings which, by the next morning, can only be described as “A Night.”

Though humblebragging is undoubtedly an art form honed over the course of millennia, first by the actual neanderthal — “Sorry I couldn’t make it to the mammoth hunt last night, I just discovered fire” — only in the past few years has it become a phenomenon. That is thanks to late writer Harris Wittels, who coined the term circa 2012.

In his book, Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty, he wrote that he…

Now with new flags for Flag Day 2021

Flags. Seems like everywhere’s got one these days.

Ever since I started pledging allegiance to one, I’ve found the concept of flags, what they symbolize, and how that’s translated into a neat, usually 3'x5' colorful piece of cloth, fascinating.

The first flags to let fly in the modern sense (aka on cloth representing something people are obsessed with) are cited as being from India or China in 1000–250 BCE. …

Illustrated by Spencer J. Olson

Goodbye to all that combat power

Sure, I’d been with others — I had been playing since the original Red and Blue were released in 1997, occasionally having dreams of reliving those carefree days of my youth just causing a scene on the Indigo Plateau with Mewtwo.

But after two decades of torrid relationships spent snapping Pokémon, entering them in beauty contests, and stuffing them in pinball machines, I lost interest in those others. Johto, Kanto, Sinnoh — they felt too small for me now. I knew there had to be a bigger, realer world out there, one that wasn’t so Black and White, 3DS. I…

Photo via Fox Photos

Take a seat, Obama and Trudeau

History has seen its fair share of bromances — Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, Timon and Pumba, the Property Brothers — but one pair of bros stands Solo cups above the rest: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Spencer Churchill. Because if there’s any better way to bond than winning a beer pong tournament, it’s taking down the Nazis.

Although the Lend-Lease program made Britain more dependent on America than the Republic on the Empire, the two men treated each other largely as equals. They had both been raised by wealthy, prominent families in their respective countries and been educated at…

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